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Project Design and Anticipated Policy Implications

In Uganda, climate change poses great risks to the well-being of the population. Studies show that climate changes are already threatening Uganda’s ecosystems and the livelihoods of the population that depend on it. Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of severe weather events such as droughts, floods and landslides. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) such as mobile phones, radio, Internet, web-based media and knowledge centers can be used for enhancing adaptive capacity of communities. Such tools can inform communities and raise their awareness about the effects of climate change; facilitate networking among communities; and build the capacity of communities and support agencies through e-learning processes.

Research on the use of ICT for improving adaptive capacity of communities in developing countries is scarce but has started providing important indications of the potentials of ICTs for improving adaptive capacity of communities.

The Climate hange Adaptation and ICT (CHAI) project will assess the extent to which the adaptive capacity of communities to water related impacts of climate change can be strengthened by implementing a robust and functioning integrated information system that informs communities of the appropriate adaptation mechanisms. The project will employ ICT tools to improve the quality of climate risk and vulnerability data and support the timely generation, dissemination, and use of climate-related information.

A key objective of the project is informing policy processes with research based evidence on the role and potentials of ICTs for improving adaptive capacity of Ugandan communities to climate induced water challenges.

The research will bring a new approach to information gathering and information dissemination to support policy formulation and will equip vulnerable communities with mechanisms to cope with water-related impacts of climate change.

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